Dear Parents & Students

As we are moving into the new academic session, we look back with gratitude to our heavenly father for the plentiful blessing and graces, we have received during the past years. The past years have been full of rich experience, further learning and challenges which call upon us for more changes and adaptation to the times and situations. As far as the students are concerned, we see constant changes in their ways of growing, modes of learning and styles of interacting etc. We need to understand all this in the background of today’s scenario where the young minds and hearts are forcibly drawn into undesirable deeds and behavior patterns.

As parents and teachers, it is our sacred duty to seriously think of ways and means to channel the hidden talents of our young generation into constructive resources, giving life and energy to build up our nation. On one hand considerable growth in learning, maturity and positive thinking is taking place in our students; on the other hand they are also negatively influenced by peer groups and the electronic media. We cannot change the whole but as individuals we can. One can change the world only by changing oneself.

Wishing the students all the best.

Ms. Urwashi
M.Com, B.ED.